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As one of the first Web Hosting company in Indonesia, we provide a complete solution for your needs, Mail Hosting, FreeBSD Hosting, Linux Hosting, Windows 2008 Hosting, Dedicated Servers,and Colocation Server, with the cheapest prices in Indonesia, while still maintaining the quality so that we can provide the best for you.

Do you need these things? In this third millennium, using the internet media is a must. Sooner or later, your company must do, or you will be marginalized in the business competition.

Many ways this utilization of the Internet media. It's not our portion to peel all the aspects, good benefits, limitations, the choices that exist, or the strategy of "adjustment" to match your company's current condition. You can learn through books, articles, lectures and discussions or reviews of experts at seminars or in other mass media.
We provide Web and Mail Hosting BSD, Linux, Windows 2008, Colocation, Dedicated Servers & VPS.

Our role is to provide one of the "tools" which formed the best solution for you to presenting your company through Internet media. You do not need expensive equipment to locate your company profile on the Internet. Only with (starting from) US$ 10/year and your company can be accessed for Internet users anywhere in the world.

PT. Daxa Networks International
Cyber Building 10th Floor
Jl. Kuningan Barat no 8 Jakarta 12710
Tel : (021) 3016 8000 - (021) 5022 6000 - (021) 9700 8000 - (021) 526-8000 (Hunting)
Fax. (021) 52-66-444
Website :
For more information and order info[AT]daxa[DOT]net
For Customer Service cs[AT]daxa[DOT]net
For Supports support[AT]daxa[DOT]net
For domain registration domreg[AT]daxa[DOT]net
To the content on this website webmaster[AT]daxa[DOT]net
For your complaint complaint[AT]daxa[DOT]net
Hours of work:
Senin - Jum'at : 8.30 - 17.30
Sabtu : 8.30 - 14.00
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